Sabado, Marso 15, 2014

                      Baluarte, Lantawan or Watchtower


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The name “Oslob” came from a misunderstandings between a native couple, named Umpang and Burong,and two guardia civils (civil guards) in the year 1785 at a place currently named "Nigad" in barangay Daanlungsod. While the said couple were taking a rest under the tree and were eating their boiled bananas while soaking it with vinegar and salt, the two guards asked the couple: “Como se llama esto pueblo?”, meaning ”What is the name of this town?”. The couple not knowing what the civil guards were saying, were thinking that the strangers were asking them what they were doing. Since the couple, at that time, were then soaking bananas with the vinegar and salt, the couple answered ”Toslob”, which means “soak”.
After hearing the word “Toslob”, the civil guards kept on repeating the word “Toslob” thinking that the said word was the name of the town, which was later changed to “Oslob”.
Until now, the flowing of the water at Nigad is still there quenching the thirst of the many people of the place including the nearby inhabitants specially when there is a shortage of water.

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